Time For Cocktails

Cocktail Class

This week we thought we would bring something for the adults! The weekend, pretty much the same as the last 5 days of the week for alot of us so we thought we would share our favourite recipes... 


Why not get your glam on set up a zoom and have a cocktail class with the girls or maybe a cute date night.. Whatever you fancy get your shakers out!

So for these cocktails you will need a blender. The blender we use is from Asda and is currently reduced to £22. We found it crushes the ice very well and is super easy to use. 

Buy it here! 


Strawberry Daiquiri – You will need: ice, strawberries (fresh or frozen) White rum, and lime juice. Add in the ice cubes to the blender, 2 shots of rum, 1 shot of lime juice (you can adjust this to your taste) blend until the ice becomes fine and then add the strawberries. Blend until smooth, pour into your favourite glass and enjoy!

Twister – You will need: Lime juice, vodka & lemon and lime soda and some ice. Pour 2 shots of vodka into a glass, 1tbsp of lime juice and top up with lemon and lime soda! Add a little umbrella for the finished look.

Percy Pig Cocktail – You will need: Tequila rose, vanilla ice- cream, Percy Pig sauce and some Percy pigs! Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. Add some Percy pig sauce into you glass, pour in the mixture and garnish with some Percy pig sweets!

Leave out the tequila rose if you want to make it a kid friendly mocktail!

MD Slushes  This is our favourite, it tastes exactly like a slush and is so refreshing. The only downside to this is they don't taste like alcohol and so you drink them like juice lol! You will need: Ice, Blue MD (raspberry flavour) Blue WKD & Ice. Add ice cubes into your blender and blend until they are fine. Add in just under a quarter of the MD and a the same of WKD, the rest of the ice and blend. Once fully blended pour and enjoy!

And there you have it! Your very own homemade cocktails! Tag us in social media and let us know what you have made!

What’s new at Petite Beu

This week we launched our own postcards!  These are for you guys to send to someone who you are missing during lockdown, just send us a message with what you would like to say, give us the address and we will hand write the postcard, add a stamp and post with no cost to you at all! Maybe something for the kids to send to grandparents or maybe you want to send one to a friend or family member, whatever the reason drop us a message! 


postcards of love

We are still tiktoking our way through the weeks, lots of fun and laughs – we all need a good laugh right now! Follow us on Tik Tok and see what we are getting up to. You will see our recent Tik Tok of the MD slushes! Tag us in your Tik Toks and let us see what you are up to!



Our online orders have been super busy and you guys are really keeping us going, we are so grateful for all of your support whether that be gift cards or clothing it means the world to us, especially during tough times. We also have a sale online at the moment – why not take advantage of the sale and FREE delivery and order some cute outfits!


Take care guys and we will see you all very soon!

Love to you all and remember sprinkle the glitter!