Petite Beu Top 10 Indoor Activities For Your Kids

As most of us are now in isolation we at Petite Beu have created an online portal that we hope will help keep your little ones occupied. If you sign up to our mailing list you will receive an email with a link where you can download our latest activity packs. We will update this each week and add new content so you can keep your little ones busy... We welcome - Petite Beu Fun! There may even be a little discount code for you ;)!

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We have also pulled together a list of the top 10 activities that you can get up to with your little one to help keep them occupied. Why not tag us on social media with what you have been up to.

1. Download the Petite Beu activity packs - we are helping to Keep little hands busy and little minds active! These packs will be updated each week and are filled with hours of fun!

2. Disney day - Look our your comfiest Pj's for you and your mini and choose your favourite Disney movies, a day on the couch watching disney, who can say no!

3. Arts & Crafts - Pens & paper it really is as simple as that - If you want to be really clever tell your mini that they need to draw you while you nap on the couch and if it's a good drawing they will win a prize! (parenting win!)

4. Board Games -  Dust off your old games and play!

5. Built a Fort - Use the cushions from the couch, and the duvet covers.. It will keep yous kids amused for hours!

6. Indoor Picnic - Get creative at lunch time! Put a blanket on the floor, cut the sandwiches into funky shapes and even invite some of the Teddy bears! Your very own teddy bear picnic! 

7. Read a thon - Pick your favourite books and spend a day reading to your mini, if they are old enough take it in turns to read, keeps them occupied and gets some educational time in as well!

8. Pizza making - This is a Petite Beu Fave! Tortilla wraps, little drop of tomato sauce spread across the wrap, choose your favourite toppings - ours is chicken and ham! Add some cheese and pop in the oven for 10 minutes. And Voila! Your pizza is ready!! (ensure all meat is cooked first, 10 minutes is a guideline)

9. Create  a time capsule - This one could be super fun to do! Today's newspaper, an object from the year 2020, a letter to the future! Whatever you fancy - get creative!

10. Plan an itinerary for a fun day out when isolation is over - Do you want to visit the park? Maybe the museum? Whatever it is get down to the fine details and pin it somewhere you can see it daily!

Outfit Of the Week

Have you checked out our outfit of the week?

Head over to our insta, this week we chose an outfit from one of our new brands - Rapife and we can tell you it's a winner!!

Rapife is a baby brand designed in Spain, it's excellent quality, fun designs and great prices will pull you into a shopping frenzy! This will be uploaded to our website very shortly - why not take a peek.

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Remember both of our stores are closed but our website is still fully active! Stay tuned for more from Petite Beu Fun, our Blog and social meda.

Stay safe and sprinkle the glitter!!

Petite Beu xoxo