Welcome to Petite Beu

Hey everyone, Welcome to the first Petite Beu Blog!

We wanted to share some insight into our brand and the vision behind Petite Beu.
Petite Beu has been established since May 2018, we are a small family, Multi award winning boutique with 2 physical shops and an online presence. We began our Petite Beu journey with a passion for kids wear and we have sourced some of the best kids clothing brands for your mini over the last 2 years, we are always looking at new and unique brands and we have a few new ones landing with us just shortly!

Here at Petite Beu we understand shopping with kids can sometimes be challenging and we want to remove the stress. In both of our shops you will find our fabulous staff members who are there to help. They are fully loaded with knowledge to help you choose the perfect outfit.We also have an autism friendly shopping morning on a Wednesday between 10am and 12pm. During this time our music is turned off and our engagement is on request.

Petite Beu Top Tip: If you realllly want to remove the stress wait until your child's bed time, open a bottle of wine and browse the collections on our website in peace.. We know this has been a popular option ;)

At Petite Beu we are all about positive vibes, so you will always be greeted with a friendly smile and our staff will go above and beyond to help wherever they can. You may have seen our hashtag #SpinkleTheGlitter - this is in relation to kindness. At Petite Beu we believe in positive vibes which is where our slogan comes in: "Kindness is free, Sprinkle it like glitter!" We used 'glitter' as it gets everywhere and we believe kindness should be the exact same! It doesn't take much to show someone kindness and we believe in sprinkling the glitter at Petite Beu!!

We have spent months picking and choosing the best kids wear brands to stock in our boutiques and this is constantly changing depending on feedback and the overall fit of the brand. Our top favourites at the moment are Adee and Mitch & Son.

Adee is a girls brand designed in Scotland, it is laced with glam and is perfect for your mini who loves sequins, glitter and bows! Mitch & Son is a typical boys brand designed in Scotland, well known for it's baby blues and amazing quality. You will find both of these brands in store and online - why not check them out!

Check out our Outfit of the week! Each week we pull together our favourite outfit from that week and display it on our instagram stories, why not follow us on Instagram for our latest highlights and updates.

We hope you have enjoyed our first blog, stay tuned for more blog posts from us over the coming days and weeks.. And remember guys Spinkle The Glitter!

Petite Beu xoxo