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Being a Mum In Business

This week on our blog we are joined by the fabulous Laura Maginess director and founder of the Glasglow Girls club.

The Glasglow Girls Club has over 22k members filled with ambitious and creative women who use the group to network and share ideas.

The exclusive club also offer a business membership, which I am lucky to be a part of, where like-minded ladies meet and support each other in their business ventures. The club offers networking sessions, opportunities for advertisement, Instagram takeovers, facebook takeovers and so much more! The group is a little nugget of gold and if this is’t enough you also receive special discounts being a member which is amazing!

Laura will be detailing what it’s like to be a mum in business and explaining how she manages to run Glasgow’s exclusive club and what it’s like being a new mum to baby Bella!

Laura Maginess – Director and Founder of the GGC

Firstly thank you very much for asking me to get involved with this article Natalie and I am so delighted we have connected through the GGC Business Club.

Hello! My name is Laura and I am the founder of the GLASGLOW GIRLS CLUB,  which comprises of a digital community (with over 22K members), private membership, podcast, magazine, mini chat show and vlog.

Prior to making the GGC my full time hustle I worked in a marketing agency through in Edinburgh for 6 years - VisitScotland were one of our main clients and this served to heighten my love of our country and of course of G-town itself!   I then moved to Fake Bake where I became the marketing manager.  I worked for the team for almost 4 years and loved every minute - the job involved organizing glamorous events, travelling, and of course getting to trial the best tan in the world!!

Laura Maginess

 Picture Credit: Charlotte Kensington 

When did you start the Glasglow Girls Club & Where did you get the idea to do it?

I started the Glasglow Girls Club Facebook group back in July 2016.  It was like a digital download from the universe encouraging me to create an online community for women.  Within 3 days the group had reached 800 and so I knew I was on the right path with it. When I first launched the Facebook group I had no idea it would grow to become a business, my thinking was that it would be a passion project for life!

What is your favorite part of being self employed?

Being my own boss and setting my own work schedule (although more often than not it means working more than you would in a 9-5!). Oh and getting to go on as many lunch meetings as I want!!

How do you manage work/mum life balance?

This is completely new territory to me as I am still on maternity (and Bella-Rose is my first), but overseeing what I have to with the business in amongst 3 hourly bottle feeds, sterilising, playing, putting down for naps (which can take a verrryyy long time) and fresh air walks can be tricky! Particularly during the pandemic when Bella-Rose was not allowed contact with other adults.

What is it like being a mum in business, have you faced any challenges?

The mum guilt! Little Bella-Rose is a very active baby, and so having a deadline whilst trying to keep her happy and entertained can be stressful.  Nap times can feel a bit like gold dust if on a deadline (which again creates a guilty feeling within - spending time with her is my fave thing to do so looking forward to the next nap when working on a project is in conflict with that) and so I think I have learned to pack more into less time, which has probably reduced my procrastinating ways too.

Laura and Bella Rose

What advice would you give to parents who are thinking about starting a business?

Planning is key. Starting a business is very full on and requires time and focus, so working it around childcare will be important to ensure a clear head for your vision.

Whats your favorite thing to help wind down?

Walking in nature, preferably next to water! I am an Aquarius (although it seems Nasa would say otherwise) and so have a real thing about water.

What do you do to keep you and baby organized?

I am not sure we have nailed it yet to be honest! I am hoping when we reach the ‘new norm’ and I am back to work (my plan is to be back for 2-3 days a week), we will win at a schedule that works for both of us.

Top tip for owning a business and being a mum?

Find the balance that works for you. Your business is kind of like your baby too and you want to have the time to nurture both. Try to also get a grip on the mum guilt (and if you do, let me know how!)

What is your dream for the future with the GGC?

I hope to continue to make the GGC community bigger and better for members. The Glow Show (our mini chat show series with Victoria Halliday and I) will become a focus (filmed in a studio, guests, audience the works!) and the dream would be to have a members building too. Visualising the coolest hang out spot in Glasglow.

Being a mum has increased my desire to succeed, as I want to do so for Bella-Rose and hopefully be a good role model for her in the future.


Who is the GGC Website Membership for?

The membership is for ALL women and there is genuinely something for all to enjoy. Opt for a Personal membership and enjoy: the exclusive offers from top notch locations (like 20% off at The Spa at The Blythswood 7 days a week, 20% off at NAF! on set days, 20% off your first blow dry at BLOW CITY + loads more all unlocked by flashing your rose gold membership keyring); online offers with brands like MUD, Fake Bake, Hashtag Organics, Sarah Haran and more; access to our exclusive members only book club; free online fitness events including Zumba with Libby Smith and Monday morning yoga with Jen Wilson and discounted city wide events (which we are excited to launch again like The Rooftop Brunch Club and Walking Club) and the opportunity to enjoy freebies too!

Or if you are a business owner or a career gal looking to connect then the Business Membership is the perfect option. Not only do you get all the Personal Membership perks, but you also get: access to our private business community which is jam packed full of inspiration women growing their brands and sharing their expertise to fellow members; access to our accountability and business growth programme; enjoy free virtual networking sessions and Glow Group sessions where we learn from experts on various areas of business (from franchising to blogger and more) and you get access to offers from businesses who will help level up your brand (from photographers to videographers, designers, illustrators, app creators, lawyers and more).

Our mantra is that we put the GLOW in Glasglow for our members and we will continue to do that and better our membership every year!


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