Hospital Bag Must Haves

Baby Bag Must Haves

Hey guys, we hope you're keeping safe and well and enjoying the sunshine! This week we reached out to a new mum who gave us her suggestions of what to take to hospital when you're giving birth!

You guys are always prepared for your babies but are you as prepared for yourself? 

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5 Must Haves for Your Hospital Bag For Mum

  • Comfortable Pyjamas – Something soft that you can move about in and feel comfortable.
  • Extra Large Pants – Not the nicest but again you want to feel super comfortable – save the Victoria Secret underwear for later!
  • Face wipes – Almost guaranteed you’ll have packed some baby wipes but remember something soft and gentle for your own skin to help keep you fresh.
  • Hand Held Fan – The wards can be super warm and you’ll want to keep yourself cool, especially if you have to spend some time in the ward before you give birth.
  • Comfortable Bras – I puffed up like a balloon after birth and comfortable maternity bras were a life saver!


What Was One Thing You Wish You Knew Before

Shivering!!! I was frozen and shivering after my baby was born, I was totally not prepared and no one had told me this. A little cardigan to help keep yourself warm will do the trick


5 Must Haves For Your Hospital Bag For Baby

  • Lots of baby vest in various sizes – I had new born that were far to big and had to get family members to bring some smaller ones up. Make sure you have plenty, they will get changed often!!
  • Baby Blanket - You can use this to swaddle your baby to help them sleep, and they are super soft!
  • Mittens – Most sleepsuits have mittens built in now, but in case you put an outfit on them that does not have mittens this will stop them scratching themselves.
  • Nappies – The hospital will provide you with these but you will only get a few at a time and my baby needed changed constantly so would have been much better if I had packed my own.
  • Going Home Outfit – I forgot to pack this and I so wish I hadn’t, lots of pictures leaving the hospital and it’s just a nice memory to have and to be able to keep the outfit as a memory

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