March 2022 Blog 


I don’t need to explain to anyone about how much we will experience it in our lifetimes, especially not after the last couple of years.

But, I thought, being a couple months into the new year now (if you have still managed to stick to any new year’s resolutions at this point, then kudos to you, I’m impressed), that talking about what is different would be a good way to restart this (hopefully) now monthly blog.

Since the last time we posted one of these, the shop has undergone a lot of changes, especially within the last few months.

Firstly, back in the autumn of last year, I, Aimee, joined the Petite Beu team.

And only a few weeks later, at the beginning of December, Scott and Natalie were welcoming their adorable baby daughter, Jorgie, to the world.

Secondly, we are happy to announce that we have moved our premises in St Andrews. We are just a couple of doors down but it gives us some much needed space and it’s fair to say that we are all happy to move in.

Of course, spring is now here, and our summer stock is in the process of arriving, a lot of it already out in the shops. You’ll recognise some familiar brands, but also be introduced to a couple of new ones, but all of the clothes are bright and beautiful.

But, as much as Petite Beu have pushed on with changes, the last few years have been tiring and challenging for businesses & families everywhere.

Change is inevitable, but we are delighted to be starting out SS22 season on a high with lots of fabulous brands and a great team. We have all come through very testing times but here's to Summer 22. I hope it is fabulous for you all!

Aimee, Petite Beu xo