Adult Entertainment - Keeping Yourself Occupied In Lockdown

Hey guys, hope your all doing well and staying safe!

Last week we gave you a list of the top 10 things to get up to with kids during isolation, it seemed to go down really well and you all enjoyed the ideas we brought to you.

We carried out a little poll on our social media pages asking who you find harder to entertain – your kids or your other half.

75% of you said you find it harder to keep your other half's busy during this time with 25% saying the kids were the most difficult. So today we thought we would do a list for the adults, something to help pass the time and keep you all busy! (if kids and other half's aren't enough lol!)  

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Top 5 things to pass the time in lockdown!
  • Join the open university and choose from hundreds of free courses –

    Yes you heard us hundreds of FREE courses! Why not learn a new language or brush up on your business skills. Follow the link to browse the courses and register!  


  • Grow your Own Fruit & Veg

    – We have just started growing our own veg and so far so good! It’s so much fun and rewarding watching it grow (that’s if you don’t kill it of course!) Choose some of your favourites and see where you get to!


  • Plan your next Vacay!–

    This is also on our list of favourites! Who doesn’t love a holiday?! Maybe you want to visit somewhere sunny and warm? Or maybe your favourite holiday is a stay-cation! Wherever you plan on going plan it out and pin it somewhere you can see each day.

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  • Virtual Networking -

    This is a biggy, use your time wisely so if you are off work and have free time we would definitely recommend networking! Keep an eye on social media groups and join in ones that may be relevant to you. Either beneficial to your business or maybe you want to make some new friends. Glasglow Girls Club is a good one to have a look out for, They always offer networking sessions and may have some virtual ones planned. For the guys keep an eye out for business gateways courses, they offer some great networking and learning!


  • Take up a new hobby

    - That hobby you always wanted to do but never had the time? Now’s your chance! Did you want to learn how to Sew? Or maybe you wanted to learn Sign language. You tube is a great platform, use it and take advantage of your free time!

 These are just a few options there are loads of things whizzing around social media at the moment, keep your eyes peeled and you will find lots to get up to.


Outfit of the week 

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Outfit Of The Week



Petite Beu Fun

If you read last weeks blog you will have seen that we have created “Petite Beu Fun”. Petite Beu Fun consists of activity packs that we create each week that you can download for your little ones, to help keep them busy!

They are filled with puzzles and colouring in pictures - all free of course!

Join our mailing list on our website to receive the link where you can download the packs and keep your mini occupied!


That’s it for this week, Stay safe and remember to Sprinkle The Glitter!

Petite Beu xoxo