7 Points For Positivity

Happy Easter

We spent our Easter Sunday volunteering for a local community group delivering Easter Eggs to kids in the community. I think we had more fun than the kids!

Lots of local residents and businesses joined in and it was just amazing to spread cheer - or in the words of Petite Beu “Sprinkle the Glitter!” Of course this was all done with extra precautions and social distancing was super important.

How did you guys spend you Easter Sunday? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Easter


We are now entering week 4 of lockdown, This week was challenging for us, our shops have been closed for 3 weeks and we really are missing our little business and all of our amazing customers but needs must. If we all follow the rules this will all be over before we know it! Positive thoughts and positive vibes! Don’t be afraid to reach out if you are feeling isolated or lonely – we’re all in this together!!


7 Points To Help Stay Positive

 1) Stay In contact – Stay in Contact with your friends and family. You can call them, message them or even video call them. WhatsApp and Facebook messenger both have great functionalities for a multiple way video call. We used it this week and it was great! Zoom is another alternative, you can sign up for free here https://zoom.us/signin

 2) Exercise – Use your one form of exercise every day! This is important, you will notice a massive difference in your morale if you are getting out and about for fresh air. Go new routes each day and set yourself a challenge of steps per day, you can use your phone to count these if you don’t have a fitbit or watch that does this for you. Just make sure you are staying local to your house.

Runner in Sunset

3) Get Into a Routine – Try your best to get into a routine – Get up in the morning, make your bed, put your makeup on as well as having the routine this will also give you’re the “feel good” factor! Of course your allowed your lazy days, but try and have “your normal” day as much as you can.

4) Try Something New – Bake a cake, learn a new skill, whatever it is set yourself goals – This is a fave of ours! We never have the time to learn that new skill, or bake that cake, nows your chance! Set yourself milestones and reward yourself once you reach them! This could be something as small as a bar of chocolate or maybe you want to buy some new earrings whatever it is make it achievable and fun!

5) Focus On The Future – We will come out on the other side. What’s the first thing you will do when this is all over? Write it down, maybe you have numerous things you want to do – write them all down and just remember we will all get through this If we work together and stay at home. Of course if you are a key worker this isn’t as easy for you, but please know that we are super grateful for all that you are doing for us all right now. True angels!

6) Healthy Lifestyle – Get your lockdown Glow up! - Learn meditation and focus on a healthy mindset. Youtube has a wealth of videos that you can use for this, From meditation techniques to sleep videos you will find it on Youtube! Cook healthy meals and learn new recipes to get you going. Create a Journal for your journey or document it on social media.

7) Relaxation – Stay cool, calm & relaxed. Stay relaxed as much as you can, go for hot baths, use facemasks and enjoy your favourite book! Radox muscle soak is a fabulous bubble bath to help you unwind and chill out. Spend some time reading a good book, or listening to music in your garden.         

 muscle soak - radox


Outfit of The Week

Each week we post our favourite outfit on our Insta story. This week is the Adee Mermaid set, gorgeous pastel colours and tulle! - head over to our Instagram to see the post and follow us for more updates!

Stay safe guys and Sprinkle The Glitter!